Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I hope you had the chance today to hear at least part of the President's Memorial Day speech. Except for the bird in the background, listening was a moving and enjoyable experience.
It made me think about the sacrifices made for the lifestyle I enjoy. It made me wonder what I've done to honor those sacrifices. What's more, what have I done to do my part to protect my own lifestyle and freedoms? Some very nice people have pointed out that I've raised three soldiers. Yeah, but that part's pretty much done. I felt very challenged by the President's speech to find another outlet for service in my future.
It's not enough to let someone else sacrifice. It's not enough to let some other young person give up their freedoms for mine. It's not enough to encourage him while he endures Basic and further military training. It's not enough to be thankful that he got on a boat or plane and flew to a foreign country to face death for me. It's not enough to pray for healing when she comes back scarred inside and/or out because she protected me (well, really, it's everything, but I think you get my point.) It's not enough. It's my responsibility to see that he knows I appreciate what he did, and that I value my freedoms enough to fight for them here at home while she fights for them overseas.
I hope you will consider that, too.

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