Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Whine

Why is it that, when life happens and things don't go as planned, it's always the mom's plan for the day that has to be shelved?

This weekend, after installing that raised bed, my knee began complaining. I had decided that today I would re-start my health/fitness plan, which includes walking. No problem. I have a health club membership, and the club has a pool. This morning, I decided, I would take Mary to school, then go swim, then do some more gardening, and some house-decluttering, as my knee allowed. Oh, and stop at the feed store, since we're out of chicken feed.

Our story begins with our car's brakes. They quit. Just plain quit. There's a leak in a brake line. No problem. We still have a truck, and Mary's truck, too. One vehicle can be lame for a bit.

But big brother borrowed Mary's truck last week. Seems an epidemic of bad brakes has hit the Petermans, and the parts for his were due in yesterday. He returned it last night. This morning, we discovered that he had returned her key ring, but the key was not on it. He had put it on his ring (he didn't like carrying his sister's "girly" ring) and obviously forgot that part when he dropped off the car. Dad was kind enough to wait for the truck while I drove her to school. Since she actually did the driving, in a safe and careful manner, we ended up getting her to school about 5 minutes late.

OK, but this means I had to give up my swim, as Dad needed the truck. And big brother's brake parts did NOT come in yesterday as planned, so he can't just drive the key home on a break. So I'm stuck here today, with no chicken feed and a gimpy leg. I can avoid the chickens for a bit, but they're going to need that food, eventually. I have arranged a ride to the feed store for later this morning, and a ride home for Mary this afternoon. Things are under control.

But it looks like my workout and moving the strawberries will have to wait. Life has gotten in the way.

Thank you for listening to my whine.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Farm Report

Yes, I'm back! I've been languishing on the couch (HA!) for far too long now and had best get back to the blog-world.

We've been enjoying some very fine weather (quick; where's that from?) here on the farm. For too long this summer, we had humidities and temperatures in the 90s, and that wears on a soul. Especially this one, who really likes it in the 70s all around. But we've had 70s and 80s the past week or so. Although the humidity is still high enough to have me keeping the air conditioning on, it's not really cycling until mid-afternoon. (I keep it at 74.) Outside, I have been able to do some work in the yard.

Sadly, I drove our lawn mower into the pond, and we now have nothing with which to mow the lawn. We have horses, and they do eat it. But they have been known to take off for parts unknown when we leave them out together. So using our horses as lawn mowers requires a tricky blend of juggling (one out, one in) and timing (can't be going anywhere too soon, or else one gets out and then the other doesn't!) It's working, though. Although I have no pictures, the lawn is being held at bay. It's not what one would call "manicured," but it's not choking us to death, either. Buy a new lawn mower, you say? What, and miss all this "fun"? We have a new one on the list for next spring.

We've been eating broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, peas, berries and eggs from the farm. Yes, eggs. Our new chickens are beginning to lay. Their cute little pullet eggs barely fit in the cups of an egg carton, but they taste wonderful! The cherry tomatoes are overrunning the Romas, which vexes me, as I really want to can some of those puppies. The pigs came and went, and returned in little white packages. We've also taken some chickens to the butcher, and another batch is ready to go around Sept. 8. If you're reading this and want some, please contact me. I have a few extras.

Today #3 son has returned from college. You know he brought his laundry. He's here to do some work on his car, to go to church with us, and to do some weed whacking for me. Yes, you are, son. I just told you. We'll also be building another raised bed, where my strawberries will come to live this next week. I also have some new lilacs to mulch, a chicken pen to clean, and some horses to feed. Gee, I guess I'd better get to it!