Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, Monday

We made a pilgrimage into Michigan this past weekend, to take our grandchildren to see their dad. He usually visits them here, but we're decided that, once in a while, we will head there so they can see him in his natural environment.

It was quite the trek. We spent about 23 hours this weekend in the car, between the back and forth and a trip to a Halloween party in another city. I really don't want to drive anywhere for a while. Unless it's in a private limo. If I can stretch out, listen to the music I like, or have complete quiet if I want, then I would do it. You know it has to be bad, since I'm a big lover of the Road Trip

But we had fun during those hours when we were out of the car.

This morning, however, I coulda done without. The coffee maker, which has been on life support for a few months now, finally signed it's DNR. For whatever reason, it just didn't brew anything. That is a situation that, in this family, MUST be addressed. Any suggestions for a replacement? This one is a Bunn, very similar to this coffeemaker. It is our second Bunn. I have loved Bunn since I worked, years ago, as a waitress. Fast, good coffee; need I say more? But they are fussy about being cleaned, and I am silly about forgetting that. When they don't get cleaned monthly, they leak, and, once that starts, there really isn't anything to be done. I've also had difficulties with keeping ours plugged in 24/7, which it needs to keep the water hot for providing that fast cuppa. I could be talked into staying with The Brand, unless someone else has a better idea?

Enough for now. The horses have been in since about noon yesterday, and need to be turned out. I want to get garlic in the ground today, and laundry. Oh, the laundry.....

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am thinking about looking into the possibility of organizing some regular blogging time. Just in case you wondered.