Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Missed It!

MAP called yesterday, and I was out to lunch. I rarely do such a thing by myself, but I did, and, just as I drove out the driveway, the phone rang. He talked to Great-Grandma for a few minutes, and then said, "I gotta go to bed." I'm sad.
JP4 has challenges these days. Please pray for peace and justice.
Round, Unvarnish'd Tale has posted the very pictures I had planned to post of our Chicago adventure...if I ever had time to get those photos off of my camera and into my computer! (OK, RUT, I would have posted the picture I took OF the ferris wheel, not the one our daughters took FROM the ferris wheel. But let's not get nitpicky.) Head over there if that is the kind of thing you like to do.
By the way, I won't ride the ferris wheel. I am not looney. If God made it, and it's tall, I'll trust it. But if some human did.....no way.
More cleaning today. Yowza. And picking up the beef from the butcher. No, not Bess. This is one whose acquaintance we have not yet made. Hope he's tasty!

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