Friday, May 30, 2008

"How Can I Get On A Plane On Saturday When I'm Having So Much Fun?"

I said to the Rancher last night (actually, this morning; he had just pulled a ginormous calf from a petite heifer and we were all a little punchy.) Rancher and Ranchwife sure know how to show a girl a good time!
Ranchwife and I will blog in depth about it later today, but here's a rundown.
A cow who won't stand up.
A bottle baby who didn't make it.
Two pulled calves; one lived, one didn't.
A snakebit horse who had to be run to the vet.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner served, despite the chaos.
Six loads of laundry, five loads of dishes. One day. But who's counting?

I need to go home and get some rest. But I'm having so much FUN!


Kristi said...

Yep, that pretty pretty much sums up a day in the life.... on a ranch! Hope your trip home was uneventful as well as calm weather once you are home. It was interesting around here in the last 18 hours (5 tornado warnings within 3 hours and 2 of those within an hour of here).

Looking foward to the flip side and hosting you again

Wendi said...

Hey Melody... the cow got up today, with the Rancher and EP's help... AND walked out of the barn to green grass!

Miss you already!

Kristi said...

WOOHOO! Good news! Always an adventure, huh?