Friday, May 16, 2008

I Was Born in a Small Town...

Well, it was small when I was born. It isn't now.
John grew up in this small town.Once upon a time, there were only 450 people in this town. The population now is closer to, well, less than that. You try to find the exact number! I did, with no luck.
What do you do in a town so small? Also once upon a time, John and a friend were walking downtown. They saw two dogs. One was a male, one was not. The friend said, "Well, at least the dogs have found something to do." I'll let you figure out what it was.
Marengo isn't as small as Grand Marais. The 2000 census said we're up near 6500 people. We don't have the scenery or the potential for tourism, but we have our own unique sights in town. Just this past week, as we drove right down State Street, we saw Mr. Levin, a prominent businessman here in town. He was standing on the center line, holding a bag with two goldfish in it. No one was surprised. That's Marengo!
It's worth mentioning that Marengo is named after one of Napoleon Bonaparte's victories. This week MSP and I were learning about Bonaparte in her history lessons. She learned about him, about the battle, and about Chicken Marengo. Guess what we ate for dinner last night..sans crayfish, egg and sabre?

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Elisha said...

My late husband was from Manhattan, Il. Population 6,071. very small Irish town. It is a great place. I lived there with him for about a year before we moved back to my hometown. Population 17,951. however, the town I live in now and that my son will start kindergarten in the fall has a population of 1770. Huge difference and only about a 10 minute drive between them. There are definite positives and negatives about living in a small town. It is nice to know your neighbors, well most of the time. :)