Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Monday

Can't trust that day....
Who sez?
I can always count on Monday to start out hopeful and optimistic, steer toward busy before lunch, slide into chaotic before dinner, and end exhausted at bedtime. What's not to trust?
Alas, since most days around here follow this pattern, perhaps it wouldn't be fair to say that Monday is "trustable."
But since Monday starts the work week, and since we're refreshed from hearing the Word and being together as a family (note to family; I did not say "hanging out,doing nothing) on Sunday, it DOES start the week on a hopeful and optimistic note.
And, although today followed the abovementioned pattern, I will not fall into the crowd of "Monday haters." I won't do it.
So there.

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elephantschild said...

I don't really hate Mondays either. It's nice to get back on track with routines after the blur of the weekend.

But yesterday was a rotten day for me, all the same. Would you like a hula-hoop? One filled with annoying stuff that makes the most GLORIOUS white noise as it's being dragged around the house while you're trying desperately to listen to the first show of the new Issues, Etc?

'Cus if you WOULD like a Hula-hoop like that, I've got one for you. It's blue with sparkles!