Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whiny Woman

I left dry, cool Wyoming and came home to high 80's and humidities at 69-100%. I am wilting. I am such a wuss about humidity. And I've lived here all my life! And I complain about people who live in Florida and are afraid of hurricanes! I tell them, "Move, if you don't like them."
But I have this husband who won't leave Illinois....
Today the pigs arrived. Four little cuties who won't be so cute when they leave in the fall. Until then, we feed, feed, feed them and dream of bacon.
The JP4lings are here today. Daddy is off at "Army training, SIR,"

and it's our turn to play for a while. JP4ling#3 went off to MacDonald's with Uncle MAP; they're off to the laundromat afterward. I wouldn't let him do his sandy, desert wash in my brand-new (got it Tuesday!) front-loading washing machine. He was good with that, though. JP4ling#2 is leaning on my keyboard tray as I write, although I keep asking her not to. JP4ling#1 is resting on the sofa. Remember she broke her leg in the fall? This week she had the rods removed from her thigh, and she's a little slow this weekend. Later today we'll do some more fun things with them. For now, we're getting ready for the day, prepping the pigpen and worrying about planting the garden in soggy soil. Someday...

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