Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day on the Farm

Valentine's Day on the farm is pretty much like any other day, except we're all nicer to each other.

Seriously, we got some snow last night. Maybe 2", but it's making for a pretty morning. John is unloading chicken feed; 1,000 pounds, which is a small amount for most farms, but we need to work on storage this summer. We've been increasing our animals bit by bit each year, and it's finally catching up.

So I've been setting aside little bits of time to work on plans for the upcoming seasons, and, sadly, it's pretty daunting. With no young men left here after March, and John working around the clock to make the Boeing 787 a safer aircraft, it looks like the farm work will fall to Mary and me this year. It reminds me of Gone With the Wind, which Mary and I watched this week. She was less than impressed. She called it "emo." Watch this scene, and you'll agree. I watch it and think of her reaction as she looked at all that work, waiting to be done on Tara...

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