Saturday, February 7, 2009

The View of Sue

I promised.

There we sat, under Sue's...self.

We sat there, John and I, enjoying our coffee, until the girls showed up. They said, "Um, the rest of us are in the back. It's quieter and nicer." So we moved.

It was. Quieter and nicer. And no dinosaur behinds.

I found a lovely exhibit today. The Field always had a great exhibit on Indians, or, Native Americans, if you are more politically correct than I. Although, technically, I am a Native American. Anyway, it's called The Ancient Americas, and it's beautifully arranged and very well done. We didn't have scads of time, but we know where we'll go next time.

And then it was time to go home to chili and bread. Bye, Field. See you next time!


Michelle said...

Here's a little side note for you:
Sue (or at least a replica of Sue) made a tour out our direction once. There is actually a little ensemble piece which was written for Sue. I got to play (bassoon) in the ensemble for the "grand opening" of the exhibit in our area. It was kind of neat!

Melody said...

Oooh, that does sound fun! I have heard that ensemble piece, and now I know someone who has played it. One degree of separation!