Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You asked for pictures of our farm. You can't HANDLE the pictures!

It's February. February in the Midwest in anyone's yard is not pretty. February in a yard that was not maintained well in the previous fall is exceptionally dismal. February on a farm that was not maintained well in the previous fall is...well, look. We'll take a walk. In front of the deck we see;

That didn't get cleaned last fall. Sad, sad, sad. This next picture is what happens when a certain someone drives under the power lines, ripping them out. He fixes it, yes, so there is power to the barn. But the that really where it belongs?


leaves don't belong there. They should have been burned in the fall. (Don't hate me for burning leaves. If you had as many as I do, you'd burn, too! And, yes, I do compost them, too!) I raked and burned many of the leaves...but didn't get to these. So sue me.

Oh. Look in front of the barn. Oh. Oh. Oh.

The burn pile. That's easy. A little napalm and we're good.

(You think I'm kidding. My boys make a mean
batcha napalm.)

Let's head up the hill. Hmm...some holes need filling.

I want to turn this into a Three Sisters garden. Yeah.

Remember when we cleared the treeline? I tried to link to that post, but I can't find it. One of these days I'll be a real blogger and categorize my posts. Yeah. This tree fell over the very week after.

These apples shoulda been picked up about the time I missed those last leaves.

This will be our vegetable garden. As God is my, we won't go there again.

The pond. That'll be John's job this summer.

He has to do something. With all my minions, I mean, sons gone to the Army, and John working harder than ever before, Mary and I are coming to the realization that its. All. Up. To. Us.

My back hurts just thinking about it.

This ends our pleasant tour. I'm tempted to ask if anyone has any teen-aged sons they'd like to lend out for the summer. Room and board, all the fresh eggs you can carry home. But I have this teen-aged daughter. That might be asking for more trouble than I even want to think about!


Elisha said...

I think your place looks great. Sure there are things to be done but who among us does not have things around our house that need to be done. No matter how hard we work during the appropriate season, seems like there is always something that does not quite get accomplished.

I would show you some pics of my place but its so muddy out there (a project that hasn't been competed yet) that if I tried to walk thru the pasture I would get stuck.

But a short list of things yet to be finished would include:

1. The pond...needs to have sides tapered in and landscaped.

2. Driveways....need to be graveled.

3. Yard.needs reseeded.

4. Retaining wall...only half was built.

5. Pool deck...needs railings to keep people from walking off side.

6. Barn...need storage and need to gravel floor so its not a mud bog.

Not all the projects needing done but makes me too tired to think of the rest.

By the way.. how much property do you have there?

Melody said...

Durnit Elisha, you reminded me about the gravel for the driveway! And that made me think again about the fencing we'd like to put up for two new pastures.
We have 5 acres. You'd think a "small" place like this wouldn't cause so many headaches. Wait. Maybe it's not the's the animals!

Elisha said...

We have 5 acres too!

SuzyQ said...

I love your place!! It brought back memories of growing up. Maybe next time I take a trip there, I'll remeber to take pictures and share.
I'm currently staying at my son's house and I want to fix up his yard this spring and summer. Wish me luck.

Betsy said...

Now why did you post this? Now I'm thinking of the pampass grass I never did trim back, the garage that no longer has room for the 2nd vehicle, the leaves everywhere. Oh my, now I'm depressed!

Frankly, your place looks great and if I had that much land, I would be a happy woman!

Loved your post! :)