Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Report

Today was spent off the farm. John went into work, and Mary and I headed to a 4H Horse Judging Competition. She had no idea what to expect; I had asked someone, who told us, "They'll ride horses in the arena, and tell you what the judge will be looking for at the show." When we checked in, I had to tell them to show her what to do with some cards they gave her; she had no clue. One lady clucked her tongue, and said, "This is a hard clinic for your first try."

She had to judge 6 classes of horses, and the competition was to see whose judging came closest to the professional judge's. The judge did explain what she was looking for in each class, and how to do it properly.

Mary must have listened well. There were clubs from 5 counties there, and Mary came in first for her age group in our county; third for her age group from all the counties. There was a medal, and a ribbon, and she's thrilled.

Mom stood in the dusty arena and got cold feet. Cold, old feet cramp up; did you know that? We ate almonds and fruit cups all day, drank coffee, and saw sweet, lovable young riders as well as spoiled, snotty ones. It was quite the education.

And it's just beginning!

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