Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Kid

At 7am, we start the day with a warm, yummy bottle.

After breakfast, we go out to the barn to spend the day with Mom.

At noontime, we have a warm lunch bottle.

Some afternoons, we have friends over to play.

We hear that some kids get to play inside all day. But we really like being with Mom.

After our supper bottle, about 5pm, we go back inside for the night.

At 10pm, we have our bedtime bottle and go to sleep again.

About 3am, we wake up for a nighttime bottle. John says we have to stop this one soon. He says we can stay with Mom all night when we do that! We'll try, but right now we get hungry in the night.

We would like to stay up, but Mary and Melody tell us to go back to sleep. They even turn off the lights! But we're not scared of the dark. We are brave.

At 7am, we start all over again!

We love being kids.


Evan said...

They look like so much fun!

Wendi said...

Gotta have the volume on for that 3 am picture! LOL!!

Cindy said...

I have two bottle babies right now too. They are big Gulf Coast Native twin lambies - 9 weeks old, and only need feeding 3x/day. We are really bonding - those will be my babies forever! I've never done this before and it's 95% really fun and only 5% drudge, occasionally. God bless your kids!