Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've been out cleaning trenches.

When the water piled up out there, we dug trenches between the larger puddles (small ponds?) that eventually led to the pond. They require daily re-trenching to keep them open. I'm about ready to give up; I never seem to get ahead. If would stop raining at night, that would help. But I am tired of worrying about it. I think I'll just bag the thought of a garden again this year, give up on the trenching, and stay inside, sucking my thumb.

Or worrying about something else. Today was the day I moved the animals from one pasture to the next. The horses are being problematic. They've sniffed the hay I put out, but won't touch it. They went right to the green grass. Last week I didn't worry so much. But last night, my uncle, a farrier, mentioned the f word. Founder. Yeah, now I'm worrying. I may go out and catch them up in a bit. Make them eat hay.

Not that I blame them. Really. Two of the goats decided to make the hay pile their bed. I wouldn't want to eat a goat's bed, either.

That's one of the things I'd like to get a picture of and post here. Durn camera-gone-AWOL. Not that you care to see such a thing!

(Clarification; my uncle would call himself a horseshoer. And he probably doesn't belong to the AFA. He'd be what you'd call old school. But he knows what he's doing.)

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Cheryl said...

Your trenching description reminds me of our back yard. We used to have to do the same thing, but it was to keep the water out of our house. No more, though, as of last year's do-it-ourselves yard draining project.

Sorry you're having so much water trouble, Melody.