Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday

Because of the economy, John had a furlough day yesterday. That's a day off without pay for those who haven't had the joy yet; he'll be having 5 of those this year. At least he's still employed!

Because it came after a weekend, it felt like a Sunday. So today, by default, is this week's Monday. Got that?

And it's behaving just like one. I can't light a fire under myself for anything. I have a friend's girls here today. I think they're rummaging through my frig...and I'm still blogging! Even the goats won't wake up! We're phasing out the 3am feeding, but I still get up at 5am to feed them. The little stinkers wouldn't eat! Wouldn't even wake up. That's gratitude for ya; see if I get up tomorrow, guys!

It's grey and dreary and we're almost out of milk. Yep, it's a Monday! I don't care what your calendar says!

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