Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Changeless Warriors

This weekend, our synod put an emphasis on those who serve in the military. Because our congregation's associate pastor is a military chaplain with the Reserves, some information was shared that I am passing along to you.

**The LCMS has 71 active duty military chaplains. Another 96 chaplains serve Reserve and National Guard units. Currently, 8 chaplains are in Iraq or Afghanistan, including 4 Reserve chaplains mobilized from their parishes. We also endorse 23 Veterans Administration chaplains, 25 Civil Air Patrol and 5 chaplains for Federal Bureau of Prison ministry. In addition, we have 12 Reserve/Guard chaplains mobilized and serving in the United States.

**In addition to recruiting, training and endorsing chaplains, the Ministry to the Armed Forces (MAF) office orders Ministry-By-mail support to 6,000 Lutheran military personnel and their families stationed throughout the world. Please send military contact information to lcmschaps@lcms.org

**A special endowment exists to enable our chaplains to complete the Doctor on Ministry degree with Military Concentration and sharpen their Gospel proclamation skills.

**Designated funds support Operation Barnabas, which provides assistance to returning chaplains and military personnel in re-adjusting to their life after military deployment.

**You can find helpful information and materials on the LCMS World Mission site at www.lcmsworldmission.org/armedforces

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