Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Again!

This is going to be a busy Saturday. Thank God for sun at last! I've been waiting for weeks to see the view out our back window look like this;

Our 10-day forecast has been revised to only THREE days of rain expected in the next 10; sunshine and high 60s-low 70s expected! If it gets breezy, we might lose the water we've been collecting! If not, much of it should dry up. Please, God...

Tomorrow is Mary's Confirmation. It's hard to believe; isn't she only about 10, and this shouldn't be happening yet? I know from experience that the next thing she'll do is college; time is on the downslope of a roller coaster now! But I'll be hanging on for the fun ride!

So today is shopping for lunch items for tomorrow's party. Should have finished it yesterday, but we got sidetracked by a garage sale at a local therapy stable; picked up a decent English saddle for her for a decent price! It was worth having to go to Wally World on a Saturday...almost!

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