Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Farm Report

Today's big news is that our middle soldier, Matthew, has "cleared" Ft. Hood and will be home tonight! He'll be here for about a month, and will report to Ft. Sill in the early part of June. He'll be with us at Ethan's Basic training graduation, and will spend some time getting things organized here for his wedding. Miss Keri has to stay in California until the week before the wedding, hence the groom doing the groundwork! How fun is that, because, like his dad, he'll need help, which is where I come in!

He'll be driving through OK, KS, MO and IL today, so, if you see a Dodge Stratus needing help, please stop. Prayers for safe travel will be greatly appreciated!

On the home front, we'll be installing electric fence for a portable pasture for Jr. It's time for him to be eating and getting fat, so we'll keep him separated so he has less competition for the groceries. He'll still be close enough to feel "part of the herd," though! We'll also be having a riding lesson here today, and doing more and more general outside cleanup. As constant as Mount Washmore...

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