Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey, Betsy!

I'm trying to blog about this. I really am. But I find myself doing so much prep that getting near the computer is about as easy as herding cats!

This week I helped John begin installing our horse shelter. John's dad came up and built the thing, pre-fab home style, and we finally had a dry weekend when we could start putting it up. With the rain this week, we now have an almost 3-sided horse shelter standing in our east pasture. It'll be finished in time for the wedding, I'm sure; we'll be parking cars in that pasture, and we don't want anyone being hit by the wall that would certainly fall on them, should it not be complete. (Murphy's Law, doncha know!)

I was finally able to stain the deck. Between cleaning, staining and drying, I needed 72 dry hours. That has not been available this spring, but I had 71 1/2 between Sunday and Tuesday this week! It had to be good enough.

For two years I've wanted to repaint our kitchen/dining/living room and hall. I started that project Tuesday, as the rain began to fall. Should get finished today. NOAA says we should have rain for the next few days, with some sun this weekend. I'll be doing inside things until then.

No, Keri, we won't let it rain on the 4th of July, regardless of what NOAA says!

In between, we've picked up dresses, (more on that another day!) planted flowerbeds, organized meals, beverages, photography, cake and all manner of paper goods. Matthew reported to Ft. Sill and was told he would have leave; we just don't know how much, yet! Ethan will not be here for the wedding; training soldier medics don't get overnight passes, and no passes further than 50 miles from San Antonio. Since we can't move the wedding there, we'll have to send him pictures. As he would say, "Tear."

That's all my scattered brain will let me think of right now. More to come!

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