Thursday, June 11, 2009


Oh, no, not the strawberries. They're awesome! I just had some for lunch with some Greek yogurt....Oh. My. Not a drop of sugar or honey in it. Just. Oh. My.

No, Tuesday night I decided to grill chicken. I loaded the grill with charcoal, using some Kingsford Matchlight Mesquite briquets. I didn't really want to use them, but there were a few left in a bag that one of the boys bought at some point when I asked him to go up to town and get me a bag of mesquite chunks. These are nowhere near the same, but he meant well. I never got around to returning them, so decided I'd use some.

It's possible I was on a time crunch and just wanted to get supper on the table. It's possible that I sometimes can't light a grill. Whichever, I put the chicken on too soon. Some of those Matchlight briquets were not yet lit. They lit while cooking the chicken, imparting a not-so-delicate flavor of lighter fluid to the chicken breast I ate. Now, no one else noticed this. But I did. And it made me physically ill. All that evening, and most of yesterday, I had a queasy tummy and felt just awful. I ate chicken noodle soup yesterday.

This morning, though full recovery. And I'm throwing away the rest of those briquets.


Glenda said...

Strawberries with Greek yogurt and a bit of granola is my favorite breakfast or snack. Yummy yummy, yummy!

I'm in the process now of making more yogurt, and just bought some strawberries from the grocery. Our pick place isn't quite ready yet.

Elephantschild said...

MMMMMMM... petrochemical marinade!

Cheryl said...

He there,

I am having trouble with my regular email and cannot send right now, but I can receive. I have created a new gmail account as of today, but I don't have your address in it yet! So I need you to email me. It will get forwarded to the new account, and then I can write back, and we can figure out what to do about logistics this weekend.

Our two spawn are doing great and there is no hurry for yours to go home unless you need her to. If we do the transfer tomorrow, I can be a part of it if it is in the morning. In the afternoon the hubby and I have a wedding to attend.

Let me know! Sunday would work, too. (I know you said Saturday isn't good.)

Cheryl said...

Um, that should have been "Hey there."

Evan said...

Those "matchlight" abominations are the worst idea ever. The fluid is all through the briquette, so if you put the food on before the coals are 100% completely white char, you'll taste fluid. Terrible invention.

Those $8 chimney starters, on the other hand, are fantastic. Blazing, chemical-free coals in 10 minutes or so. I highly recommend.