Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Farm Report

-whew- Into the homestretch. Next Saturday morning, I plan to be freaking out about some detail relaxing with some friends, a cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee. In order to do that, it all has to come together over the next 6 days. In order for that to happen, the following need to be done;

Finish cleaning barn (suburban guests WILL go there, and it better look nice!)
Finish cleaning IN FRONT OF barn (remember the mess of a few months ago? Dried out, still there. Need to get rid of it so suburban guests don't fall over something and sue!)
Mow, mow, mow. It's become an obsession.
Lay mulch in new flowerbed. (Again. Where does that stuff go? I put it down, next day, it needs more.)
Refurnish deck.
Finish horse shelter. (John got up and hour and a half ago to get going on that and is almost done went back to bed.)
Must coerce cooperation from other members of household.
Finish cleaning office, which is Matthew's bedroom for the week.
Finish hanging pictures removed in painting.
Coordinate music for ceremony.
Find the phone number for Brian the Hawaiian (the oddly named DJ, who does look to be genuinely Hawaiian.)
Wrap gifts for bride and groom (hopefully before they get here at suppertime and find them stacked on my kitchen table.)
Fence another pasture (not necessary for wedding, but necessary for steer!)
Weed, weed, weed.
Clean garage. (Bwahahahaha!)
Shop for food.
Make food.
Store food.
Eat some food (looking to be likely optional.)

Get the picture? 6 days.

The bride and groom will be arriving this evening. They have been told that they will be enlisted for help. They're willing, but clueless as to what remains to be done. We like it that way; keeps them from detouring to Vegas! While that would be easier for us, we'd like to be there when they say, "I do."

UPDATE: John is working on steer fencing. When we returned from getting him a haircut, we found the steer out of his pen, curled up just outside the gate to the pasture where he used to live. Very happily returned to that pasture, but he needs more grass than is there. Hence, a new pen is on it's way!

Also; barn looking great, deck almost finished, heading down to clean that office!

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Elephantschild said...

Time to triage.

I say, if the Suburban types poke their heads in the barn, they deserve what they get.

It DOES all come together in the end. Somehow.

One box of adorable table linens is on it's way to you, in about 10 minutes. I'm taping up the box here at my desk. I'm not a sunflower girl, generally, but I FELL IN LOVE with this fabric!