Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend List Update

I know you're all waiting with bated breath to find out how my list looks today. (hee hee) Actually, not too shabby. Here it is as it was Saturday, with comments added in italics.

Finish cleaning barn (suburban guests WILL go there, and it better look nice!)Looks really good, if I do say so myself!)

Finish cleaning IN FRONT OF barn (remember the mess of a few months ago? Dried out, still there. Need to get rid of it so suburban guests don't fall over something and sue!) Not too shabby, there, either. Just need to get the pile of scrap metal (doesn't everyone have one of those?) over to the scrap yard.

Mow, mow, mow. It's become an obsession. (That's never gonna go away)

Lay mulch in new flowerbed. (Again. Where does that stuff go? I put it down, next day, it needs more.) Meh. Put some more down, looks better. Turned to look at other flowerbed. Yuck. Said, "Oh, well. Not everything has to look perfect!")

Refurnish deck. Refurnished (just meant moving back the furniture that we moved to stain the deck) and even had a few minutes to sit and enjoy a cold beverage--or two--there!

Finish horse shelter. (John got up and hour and a half ago to get going on that and is almost done went back to bed.)Sore spot. Again, not everything has to be perfect!

Must coerce cooperation from other members of household. Bwahahaha! Actually, they've been great.

Finish cleaning office, which is Matthew's bedroom for the week. Good thing he likes messy.

Finish hanging pictures removed in painting. Almost done...planning what goes where.

Coordinate music for ceremony. Hopefully today, Phil; they disappeared yesterday!

Find the phone number for Brian the Hawaiian (the oddly named DJ, who does look to be genuinely Hawaiian.) Found it, and he stopped by yesterday to sit and chat. Will be back tomorrow for specific titles for playlist.

Wrap gifts for bride and groom (hopefully before they get here at suppertime and find them stacked on my kitchen table.) Check. It helped that they got tired on the road, stopped to sleep, and didn't get here till Sunday morning!

Fence another pasture (not necessary for wedding, but necessary for steer!) Check, but another one is needed before the end of the week!

Weed, weed, weed. Again, never gonna go away.

Clean garage. (Bwahahahaha!) Surprisingly, check.

Shop for food. Tomorrow, 9am. Although some food is already prepared or marinating.

Make food. Ongoing.

Store food. Becoming an issue.

Eat some food (looking to be likely optional.) Managed this. Actually, managed it well enough that I was up .6 last night at weigh-in. Not too bad, really, but I'm being careful again this week.

See? It can be done. And it only causes a few aches, pains and panic attacks!

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