Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Didja Hear the One About the Groom Who Forgot the Wedding Rings?

-whew- The Weekend has ended. I know, I know, it's Tuesday. But, since it started on Thursday...Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Oh, heck. I want to tell all the gory details. So, hang on for the ride.

It started Thursday night, when the best man arrived. And another groomsman. He is Navy; we didn't hold that against him, although all the other guys in the wedding party are Army. Andrew served in Iraq, too, returning in April. He heads back at the end of the month, after reenlisting for another two years. Just like Matthew back in January, our small town held a hero's welcome parade for him. It was delayed by that best man, whose plane cam in an hour and a half late. But it was held, and, afterwards, much partying was enjoyed at Andrews' parents' home. Following that, a bachelor party was held at a local bar. It was actually quite sedate, unless you consider that 4 of the 7 attendees were Iraq vets who shared war stories. John was there, and heard them...and came home quite humbled.

Friday was spent on last-minute details and chores. That evening, a rehearsal was held. I missed it. I was off collecting the couples' clothing from the cleaners, and got a panicked phone call that the bride's grandmother and sister were stranded in Chicago. Having ridden Greyhound from California, they asked for directions to a train station, hoping to take a train out here to the boonies. They were sent to the wrong station, and Grandma didn't think they could handle the 4 block walk to the correct one. Since Keri was rehearsing for her big day, I handled this crisis and headed to the rehearsal dinner. That was fun, and then we headed out to party...at WalMart. Well, some things still needed to be bought! The bride and groom called to invite us out for a drink; who would say, "No?" Another late night...

Saturday morning flew in a blur. Tables were decorated, hair was curled, the lawn was once again mowed. And, suddenly, I was driving to the church. I was alone, because John stayed back to prod the groomsmen into uniform. I transported the bulletins, the dresses and, most importantly, the mother of the groom.

I helped calm the bride, dress the bridesmaids, and greet guests. Well, sorta. It's all such a blur... Suddenly, someone was saying, "He's late for his own wedding." Since there was a pool among the groomsmen, I wasn't surprised. They know their friend and brother like I know my kid! He was 20 minutes late; although he didn't show up when he was supposed to, he was still 10 minutes early. None of the guys won the pool; they guessed far too late! But 5 minutes before he was due to appear at the altar, I heard those dreaded words, "He forgot the rings." They were safely at home, a 25 minute round trip. He has a very wonderful dad, who stripped off his own wedding ring to serve as a substitute without a word about how ditzy it is to forget the rings! Keri's engagement ring stood in for the wedding ring, and down the aisle we went!

Vows were taken...

Rings exchanged...

And they were married.

How cool is that?

Tomorrow; more. The Party, and The Party After the Party


Glenda said...

My favorite wedding card says on the front:
The two shall become one.
It's that simple, it's that beautiful.

Congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law.

Betsy said...

Congratulations! It all looks so beautiful. I can't wait to hear more.