Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last Wedding Post!

The reception itself was very fun; time to relax and forget the work and stress leading up to the day. There were some who said I should have let other people do the bulk of the work; hire a caterer, servers, etc. I did about half of the cooking. I roasted beef for Italian beef, made the au jus. I marinated chickens and my brother-in-law grilled them. I also made pasta and sauce. I was able to farm out salads to very wonderful friends who made and brought them. We had some snacky things while the wedding party was off taking pictures. More than one guest was surprised when dinner was also served later. But here at Pine Ridge Farm, we don't want you going away hungry! Dessert was wedding cake.

After supper, there was time for play. The kids spent lots of time down by the pond, catching frogs. Matthew and Keri wandered down to check out the fun.

When Brian the Hawaiian, our DJ, started playing, the party got a little louder. Matthew and Keri chose three "first songs," and spread them through the night for special dances.

The entire party ended up on the dance floor at one time or another; even those who didn't attend got the chance! At one point, Ethan called. I took the phone out on the dance floor and got to dance--albeit long distance!--with my soldier-medic-son.

Matthew taught me the basics of the Texas Two-step; I was very surprised by both him and Jay! I had no idea they could dance! I suppose they didn't, either; until they had a little of those Milwaukee and St. Louis Kool-Aids! Finally, the night drew to an end; Matthew and Keri left at 1:15! I didn't expect them to stay until the end, but I guess they were having too much fun.

The next morning, I looked at all the leftovers in my frig, and decided another party was in order. Several of the guests were re-invited to help us finish off the party. among those were the ladies who pitched in and literally took over my kitchen, serving and replenishing food, and leaving me little to do besides dance, visit and enjoy the party. We all got together again to eat, drink, play and watch wedding gifts being opened. We even had a cattle drive! Mid-afternoon, we received a call from the man who had been hosting our cow, Bess, during with his bull. Seems she was ready to come home, and today would be a really good day, hint, hint. Off we went to retrieve her. When we got home, our guests had already begun to arrive. Mary saddled her horse and we let Bess out of the trailer. She headed for the highway! Wakiya cut her off, and drove her toward her pasture. The drive was over in all of 5 minutes, despite the dire predictions of one of our guests. Just another afternoon in Paradise!


Mossback Meadow said...

Sounds like Matt and Keri really enjoyed their day. Great details in this post. You should have called - I would have loved to do the Soulja Boy dance with you. : )

(Was it just a few yrs ago that Matt, Ethan and Caleb were playing Army Guys in my backyard????)

Melody said...

Way to go, Poll, making me cry before my first cup of coffee is done! ;) My guys STILL play Army; just more realistically now. It's heatwarming to see them take the little guys onto their "teams" and show them the ropes.
Ethan called yesterday. He was looking at your pictures of Caleb's graduation, and bawled me out for not telling him Caleb went to RIP. I thought I had.