Saturday, July 18, 2009


Not at the farm, so no farm report...

I'm in my cousin's living room, watching the kids do interpretive dance to a collection of Celtic music. Yeah, it's that funny. Did some shopping today, satisfied my craving for French onion soup, and are just plain hanging out.
Last night, though, was Harry Potter Night. We took the kids (4 here; evenly distributed between the genders) met some friends of my cousin's daughter (which I realize makes her my cousin too, but, you know, it's easier this way) and truly enjoyed ourselves. The four girls dressed for the event.

This film, most of us decided, is the best of the far. Fun humor, good acting and neat cinematography. And I don't care if you agree with me; you're a film snob if you don't! Yes, some things were left out. Yes, some parts of the story were altered. But the film drew me into the world of Hogwarts, kept me there, and, more importantly, made me want to stay. In short, a film worth 2 1/2 hours of my time.

What about you? Is film art, or entertainment? A little of both? Those who think the former would certainly have thought this film really fluffy. But Those who think the latter might have been disappointed, too; certainly not a happy ending! I'm a bit of both. When I want to see an art-y film, I do. But, last night, I wanted to be entertained. David Yates and his crew did that.

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