Saturday, August 22, 2009


I wish I could show you pictures. I can't. Ranchwife and I were just talking about her lack of a wireless modem, and I don't want to load my pictures onto her computer.

So, imagine if you will...a wide, green meadow, bisected by a babbling creek. Set on the creek, a brown ranch house. Three or four outbuildings, two corrals. The meadow is between two hogbacks.

Early in the morning, you open your eyes to hear turkeys. Outside the window, two or three turkey hens are shepherding their young through the meadow. Walking along with them is a young elk cow. Beyond them, three horses standing in the morning sun.

Then the Border collies and Jack Russel terrier see the elk, run at her barking and carrying on, and the morning peace is broken. A cow up the hill lows (that's what they do; they don't moo. Remember Away in A Manger?)

May as well get up. It's gotten noisy!

Coffee. Bacon. Cute little cowgirls with bedhead and sleepy eyes. Cool, crisp air.

Vacation mornings can be like that.

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