Friday, August 21, 2009

Where the Heck Am I?

I'm traveling again.

Tuesday morning we got up early and set out on our next road trip. Actually, we set out late in the afternoon, after Rambo the Amazing Cheweenie took off across the fields. Keri's dog decided to get himself lost, so we postponed our leave-time until he graciously decided to reappear.

We set off across Illinois and Iowa to the German's. It annoys people when we designate them by their ancestry, doesn't it? But these friends have made it easy by using their ancestry as their last name! How wonderfully kind of them! And how wonderfully kind of them to host us on our trip westward. We flopped into their house shortly before midnight, fell sound asleep, and woke up in the morning. After some visitng and eating, we headed off to the West.

Long after dark, but before midnight, we arrived at Ranchwife's house in Wyoming. She and the Rancher were surprised to see us arrive EARLY! (Well, OK, 10 minutes early, but those who know us know that's a BIG DEAL.) Driving across Nebraska in on again-off again rain made for a long day, but we made it.

And today we extended our fun. Mary headed off with the Rancher and the Cowgirls to shoe horses. I set off with the Ranchwife for a road trip to Colorado. My tushie will never be the same! Three long days in a vehicle...I told her tonight that I didn't want to offend, but I was really glad to be getting out of their truck. Then I said, "Please don't make me drive anywhere tomorrow." "No," she said, "we'll be working in the bean room tomorrow!" Woot!

The Rancher and Ranchwife raise grassfed beef. Our trip to Colorado was made to deliver cattle to a processing plant, bean soups and dip mixes to a couple of stores, and then to pick up frozen meat for the return trip. The Ranchwife also makes and sells bean soup and dip mixes, and that's what we'll be doing tomorrow.

I sure know how to take a vacation, don't I? Remember last year's trip out here? Pulling calves...Makes the bean room look appealing..

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