Monday, September 21, 2009

Corpus Christi

Once again settled into the Brynestad household...Mary and I have kicked two sons out of their beds, but, otherwise, we're feeling pretty good about all of this!

The trip here was quite the slog. I was, admittedly, driving under the influence...of lack of sleep. The last 10 miles were pretty scary. I would have stopped for the night if I hadn't been so close. But we had stopped in San Antonio to visit with our combat medic. That involved Mexican food and doing laundry. We left at about 10:30pm for a 2 hour drive. And that's all I want to say about that.

We've caught up on sleep, feasted on the Lord's Supper and also on some of our hostess's good home cookin'. This morning the girls are studying Math, Spelling and Shakespeare. This afternoon our plans might include an historic village, the King Ranch or some undiscovered activity. Mexico was ruled out, as none of us has a passport. And don't get me started on that....


Laura said...

I seriously marvel at how much driving you are able to do! I can last about 2 the most! You drive around the country like you are going from town to town! Amazing! Have a great time!

Melody said...

Actually, 2 hours used to be my limit. I learned on this trip that 8 is about the end for me, now. I've been driving too much, that's for sure!