Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Day of Fall

We spent the first day of fall on the beaches near Corpus Christi.

In between beaches, Serena had an orthodontist appointment. It was a windy, rainy, stormy day, but we managed to be inside anyway for most of the rain. It did help a bit with my weekly exfoliation, being hammered by tiny grains of sand. But there was no way these girls weren't going to spend some time together by the water on this trip!

Julee and I walked a lot, while the girls played. We saw tugboats and barges; here's a picture for you, John. (Not that my husband reads my blog!)

We also took several trips on the Port Aransas ferry, watching for dolphins. We saw several, including one extroverted cetacean who leaped high out of the water for us. But they were too fast for our cameras.

We rode the ferry one time with this little guy,

who apparently didn't read this sign.

I am not a summer/beach girl. Summer in Illinois is something I live through so I can get to fall. So a windy, grey beach is not really a big deal to me. This morning is lovely. We woke to temps in the 60s, perfect fall weather! I took a long walk with Julee and Baxter, the dog, and loved the feeling of a cool breeze while looking at palm trees and cacti.

Today we leave and head to San Antonio. We'll meet up with John, my sister and her husband, and, tomorrow, we'll see Ethan graduate as a combat medic.

Then the worrying starts. Another boy to deploy. Hooah.

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