Friday, October 9, 2009

The Gods Must Be Crazy

I've never seen the film, so, if the reference is off track, forgive me. But I read about this this morning and I am stunned. And, apparently, I am not alone. I am not the most politically astute knife in the drawer, but even those sharper knives are, in the words of the article, stunned. It's too early, he's done little or nothing, and it's just...stunning.

Yesterday, while celebrating John's birthday with a family lunch, we saw a news report (TVs everywhere; another blog post for another day) which said that the White House is being very careful before committing more troops to Afghanistan, because of the costs. You know, war is expensive, and we have to be careful with the people's money. We can fling it at failing businesses like confetti, and we can whine and stomp our feet because uber-expensive health care isn't sailing through Congress, but God forbid we spend too quickly on our soldiers.

Ethan's comment was, "Gee. I feel so loved."

I guess the Peace prize must be because those soldiers aren't heading off to Afghanistan. I think a more likely reason that more soldiers aren't going yet is that someone would have to admit that that worked for the past administration, and, Lord knows, we wouldn't want to admit that anything worked for them.

My friends in the Lutheran homeschooling world are talking end of the world scenarios, mostly tongue in cheek. But some are glad they've put in so much time canning and freezing this summer; food won't be getting any cheaper. Deidre even says, "If the world is coming to an end, I don't have to finish cleaning my basement!" Well, Deirdre, mine is all torn up, too. I guess the two of us should just get together for some coffee!

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Kristi said...

Add my basement to that list. It isn't much different that the last time you saw it, but I might get something done with it before you arrive. We'll see!!