Friday, November 27, 2009

In Which Our Author Contemplates Quitting Blogging

Yes, I am. Even though I like it quite a bit, consider it my outlet for bizarre and mundane emotions and even though both of you count on me to have something to read, I am considering quitting.

See, I'm afraid I don't fit in. Many of the bloggers I know are people much like myself; mom-types who write for the joy of it and, while that may bore some of the people some of the time, I still have the two of you reading, so I can't be so bad, right?

But then I venture out into Blog-world, and I find myself so...out of place. This blogger met some bloggers, whose names are listed in his blog. I'll let you wander around, getting yourselves acquainted with them.

You done yet?

OK, let's analyze. See what I mean? These are stellar writers, with humor and class and an elegance to which I can never aspire.

Yeah, right. C'mon, people. Please. Scatalogical vocabulary does not a writer make. And I won't consider further examination of this post. End of discussion.

See you tomorrow!


Elisha said...

Hope you dont quit. I love reading your blog!

Elephantschild said...

I've in the past come across other bloggers whom I'd love to follow IF they didn't pepper their posts with off color & foul language. Boo!

Lora said...

please don't judge me by that post! boy was I mad. I do feel awfully strongly about all that, and I don't hold back on my blog the way I do in life (I don't even say swear words in real life!) so some of my posts are... well... not worthy of further examination by some but it sure feels good to get it all out, and it's always nice to have support and opposition on my feelings.

Differences make the world go round, that's for sure. It seems like in real life it's so easy to surround oneself with likeminded people, there doesn't seem to be much diversity during the day. But here on the internet, it's so different.

For example, I don't know any midwestern military moms. I certainly don't know any homeschoolers, I've never been inside a stall except for at the zoo, and none of my friends go to church (even the ones who are religious!). That's what I love about all this.

Meeting Daddy Scratches was so much fun, I'd never read his blog before but getting all my local bloggy buddies together was awesome.

I feel like you do a lot of times. Like I don't fit in anywhere among the other bloggers. I'm a mom, and I work full time. I've been married ten years, and my child is only three, and he will always be an only. I feel like so many bloggy moms are either a lot older than me or a lot younger. Most seem to stay at home and have several kids.

I'm always contemplating quitting, but I think it's good to keep blogging, or journaling, or whatever. Whether you have two readers or two thousand, at the end of the day you are keeping a record of your life for you, for your family, and for your children.

Big East Coast love to you. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and the happiest and healthiest new year ever!

BOSSY said...

Bossy thinks the more people she meets -- different and unique people -- the more she realizes just how The Same everyone is, in the same boat.

Although some give people more of a chance than others. It's usually worth it.

Elephantschild said...

Oh, goodness, Ladies. I think I've given the wrong impression in my comment above.

I'm not going to hold the occasional use of strong language against anyone. Especially when it's used creatively and with good humor.

But I have had occasion to come across a blogger "out there" where every. single. post had multiple f-words and such.

That is not funny nor clever; it's just obnoxious.

meg said...

What does scatalogical mean?

Melody said...

"scatalogical" is defined here as
1. study and analysis of feces, as for diagnosis.
2. a preoccupation with feces, filth, and obscenities
I've always heard it used as a way to describe obscene language without using the word obscene. Since "obscene" became a subjective term, scatalogical helps describe it in a less emotional way.

Also, I have talked to Lora and Bossy, and it seems we're all good.

Daddy Scratches said...

"OK, let's analyze. See what I mean? These are stellar writers, with humor and class and an elegance to which I can never aspire. ... Yeah, right. C'mon, people. Please."

Ouch. It's one thing to say "I prefer not to curse"; it's entirely another to trash someone who doesn't share your sensitivities.

I'm sorry that my comfort level with using a handful of words to which, in my opinion, some people assign far too much importance has caused you to consider giving up blogging.

I can fully appreciate that I'm not your cup of tea --- different strokes for different folks, as they say --- but calling me out on your blog, attacking my writing and presenting me as being somehow beneath you? Bad form.