Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Say You?

So, Miss Mary has the swine flu. Her doctor did a flu swab, which turned positive in less than 3 minutes. He says that means a high viral load, and, since the test is for Type A flus, which includes swine flu and seasonal flu, and since there are no seasonal flus out there yet, by process of elimination, she has swine flu.

Let's take a poll. Does she (a) have swine flu? Or is (b) the doctor calling it swine flu to cover his...bases, in case she gets sicker and we get mad enough to call a "plain flu" diagnosis a misdiagnosis?

Vote in the comments, please!


goatlady said...

I think they are taking this swine flu to far. Who says the regular old flu isn't out there yet?

Faith said...

Bah. It could be anything. Both seasonal and piggy are floating around down here. And unless somehow you can get swine flu twice within a couple of months, they're both floating around. My friend's little kids were told "either A or swine". Then oldest got definitely swine. Then littles got it again, this time being told definitely swine. So... either there is definitely both floating around - and they have been for a few months now, they're full of bull and just saying every cold is the flu, or else you can get this thing more than once.

Bah to doctors!

Betsy said...

It's swine flu.


Wendi said...

I vote b. It "may" be swine flu, but he's definintely covering his... bases. My sis, who is an RN at a fairly large hospital said that even they are only allowed to send out 10 tests for swine per month because of the cost of testing... but they have more than 10 swine diagnosis' per month.

And how is Miss Mary feeling?

Melody said...

She's feeling tired and achy, but her spirits are pretty good. EXCEPT when her beloved brother torments her by saying things like, "Get away! I don't want the plague!"
You'd think they'd be beyond that at 19 and 14, right? Guess I know better!

Elephantschild said...

Bah. Who cares? It's flu of *some* kind, obviously, especially given the achiness.

Hope she feels better soon. The Flu is no fun, even if it's not the deadly plague your son thinks it is!

Ewe said...

We were lucky enough to have the swine flu in September (not officially, but a doctor said probably) and now have regular flu this week (again not official, but probably). I agree with the doctors that is what was going around both times. Plus my husband had regular flu shot and he did not get sick this time. We did not have a flu shot and we are all sick. Plus the swine flu was very different from any flu I had before. (Very high temperatures for over a week) Is anyone else in your family sick? Most of our friends that had swine flu said the whole family got it at once-it didn't go through the family in rounds and take a month for everyone to be well. That was true for our family too.