Monday, November 2, 2009

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I rearranged the freezer last week, cleaning out our half-freezer entirely. All sorts of disinfectants, including straight bleach, would not remove the rotting meat smell. Last night, we discovered that, during the rearrangement, I left an entire box of pork chops and cutlets on the floor near the freezer. For about 5 days. Wish I'd paid better attention, rather than mixing chemicals! That'll teach me to leave boxes with stuff waiting to go to the thrift store in the utility room, where they can be confused with other, more important boxes!

Our good, clean pork, all the nice cuts gone. Yes, we have hams, bacon and such. But I'll be buying pork chops and cutlets this year! Yuck!


Cheryl said...

Oh Melody, I'm so sorry. That's the pits.

Ewe said...

Last year for Christmas a member gave us corn from her garden. It was so nice to receive homegrown corn in December without all the work to remove it from the cob and freeze it. During one of the searches in the freezer, that corn along with some other items was left out to rot. I have no idea how long it was sitting next to the freezer. I was so sad to have to throw that out. I have sympathy for you!