Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

I'm going to put on my grouchy old crone hat and complain a little.

Today I noticed several references to "those who died while serving their country." While that is a necessary remembrance, folks, today is about those who served. Period. See? Looky here. Read the first line.

It's a little confusing, because we as a nation have the nerve to celebrate our service members on two holidays each year. The other, Memorial Day, was originally meant as a day to honor the Union dead after the Civil War. As time went on, it became a day to honor the fallen of all American wars.

So today is the day to look at your brother, son, neighbor, pastor, coworker, teacher, bus driver, janitor...whomever, and say, "Hey, I remember you saying you were in the (insert service branch here.) Thanks so much for stepping up when we needed you. You're terrific!" He or she will humbly accept your handshake, and say something like, "Aw, shucks, Ma'am, t'warn't nuthin'," but it was. It really was.

Let's focus on the fallen on that other day. Today is for the heroes who still walk among us.


Melanie said...

I took our children to our local Veterans Day program. It was specifically pointed out that today is for the living service members and a history of the day was recited. They do the same thing on Memorial Day, except to remind us that day is for those who have died in service. It is amazing how so many get the days confused. It doesn't seem that difficult to me.

Give your guys thanks from the Timmermans for their dedicated service to defend our safety and freedom. And thank you to you and John for raising young men who feel a duty to that service for us.

Cheryl said...

"Today is for the heroes who still walk among us."

And for those who are gone, even though they may not have fallen in battle.

Thanks for putting on your grouchy hat. This bugs me, too.