Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Day in the Life, Part 2

I talked a while back about documenting my day, threatening to share it at a later time.This is that time. If you are one of those who writes things like, "I'm tired just reading about that," in the Comments sections of people's blogs, get a Gatorade. You're gonna need it.

Yes, I actually did these things in the time slots indicated. I picked one heck of a day to document.

8-9am Wake up, check Yahoo, sort laundry and start a load. Unload dishwasher and reload. Strip bed, dress, make coffee and breakfast, read Facebook.

9-10am Finish e-mail, wake Mary, fold and put away clean towels, switch laundry, vacuum basement.

10-11am Finish basement. Field phone calls, work on housework schedule, check bank balance/webpage, (why doesn't it balance?) watch Boomer Alley. Switch laundry.

11-12noon Get Mary started on Math, Ethan on raking and burning leaves. Go to WalMart for stuff for supper and feed store for animal feed. Check on progress when home. Lunch. Planning for week, do a little yardwork.

12-1pm Calculate Weight Watchers' points for the day; 10 left! Switch laundry. Start dishwasher, wash basement floor.

2-3pm Water break. Flat on my back on the sofa for half an hour (funny thing; this was one of my busiest days in recent weeks, and I managed a rest. I don't get that on most other days, even when I have more down time.) Made bed, tidied and vacuumed bedroom.

3-4pm Switch laundry. Clean bathrooms/wash floors, wash dishes that didn't go into dishwasher, check chickens.

4-5pm Wash (more)dishes, call veterinarian, vacuum living room, sweep kitchen and breezeway, feed animals, get mail, switch laundry.

5-6pm Read e-mail, do nails (we're talking clipping and filing here; no fussing with polish) talk to Mary about 4H paperwork.

6-7pm Supper at Joe's Place

7-9pm 4H meeting

9-11pm Talk with John, watch TV, read e-mail, brush teeth/wash face, fall into bed.

Dare I add...7am, next day; start all over again?

Good thing we're the "weaker sex;" think how much we'd show up the guys if we were a little stronger, girls!


Elisha said...

LOL! the weaker thats funny!

You made me need a nap just reading that.

Also makes me feel the need to write down my schedule just to see how much I actually get done.

Elephantschild said...

Um. WOW.

Angie said...

Sounds normal enough to me! Minus the farm-related chores, anyhow.