Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Peter Pan

The weekend was long and fun, and we spent yesterday recuperating. But this year's play is over and done. We have pictures and even some video, to show you.

Mary played Skylights, who, it was learned the second night of the performance, is a GIRL pirate! Hook himself was shocked to learn that a lady had stowed away on board, and that she handled a blade better than he! (Not that I would spread that around. Skylights would like to stay alive!)

Skylights in all her glory. This was just moments before being sent into the dark scary cabin where the Lost Boys were waiting to kill her. (Never mind the contradiction between staying alive and Lost Boys waiting to kill her. Remember, this is Neverland, and the pirates will be back to fight the Lost Boys tomorrow!)

Prior to this scene, she and other pirates were delighted to find their names in the program for the evening.

They tangoed. (Warning; this scene opens with a horrific scream, I mean, solo rendition, from Mr. Smee. You have been warned.) (Skylights is to the left of the scene, behind the pirate with the cape. Yes, she bobbled the opening.)

The pirates gather around as Hook bemoans his lost mother (who was a sheep stealer, and was hung for it) and decides to kidnap Wendy...

Afterward, she took her bow (far right.)

And met with some fans.

Our little friend, Bella, showed up dressed quite appropriately for Peter Pan!

Although Mary swore several times in the last month that she would NOT BE DOING ANOTHER PLAY EVER AGAIN, she came home from the cast party very excited about next year's play.

Which is...

(Thanks to imbd.com for the last image!)


Cheryl said...

Way to go, Mary! And wow--The Sound of Music. So that's why you were watching it a few days ago, I bet.

Melody said...

Yep! She's really looking forward to being involved. She even wants to do some summer drama, either here in Marengo or in another town close by.

Jurnie said...

mel have her check into the Prairie Arts here in schaumburg they do alot of plays