Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

Frigid cold today. We woke up to -5 with -22 wind chills. Right now it's "warmer," 6 degrees with -11 wind chills. The horses stayed in until about noon and so did the kids.

Mom and Dad, though, headed out to run a quick errand. Just one. All we had to do was buy horse dewormer at Farm and Fleet. We ended up having coffee with some friends, buying a birthday gift, ('s a soft pink pig with glasses for a certain 3 year-old I know!) some dog food and some people food, some good stuff at the thrift store, and having lunch. Oh, and we did remember the horse dewormer. It wouldn't have been the first time that we headed out for something specific and forgot it. But we didn't.

What is it about heading out for errands that turns it into an all-day event? We kept thinking of things we "need" and our wanting to be home by 12 turned into being home at 3. I feel like we wasted the day, despite getting done some things we really needed to get done. Try as I may, organization often eludes me. That's probably the biggest chunk of our worries; not doing what we want because we did what we "needed."

Although we did need dog food, people food and a birthday gift. Just gotta find a way to organize those trips better....

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