Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

Cold, cold, cold here today. We had some more snow this week; about 4 inches. It shut down the local schools. I have to laugh at that. When I was a kid, (here I go, talking Geezer again!) we went to school unless it was -15 at 6am. This week, it was -5 wind chill (not even real temperature) and they closed the schools. Most of the kids don't even walk to school anymore; it's busses or Mom's taxi. Maybe I'm just jealous; I had chapped knees most winters, walking to school in those dresses and knee socks!

Today was up and at 'em, cleaning stalls, buying hay and shavings, and feeding critters. Miss Mary has been promised a Border collie, and we are fortunate enough to have two free ones from which to choose! Granted, they are both Border collie mixes, but they look right and the price is certainly right! One is a three-week-old puppy, and the other is a two-year-old dog. I think she's leaning toward the puppy; the jury is still out!

We also got a call from a sweet boy whose family we know, asking if we would meet them for some sledding. How could we say no? So, after farm chores and visiting the dogs, we headed for the sledding hill. We spent about 45 minutes sliding and freezing before the other family had to head home. We decided to head for McDonald's and hot chocolate. Now we have a nice, relaxing Saturday night ahead of us, with church in the morning.

And big decisions to be made about dogs...

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Elephantschild said...

Oh! Jealous! Want dog! Want border collie mix! Argh!