Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

Today Miss Mary will star as the pirate Skylights in Peter Pan. She and a Lost Boy have been preparing a fencing bout for the stage, and she's been practicing the tango for another scene. It was a little disconcerting last night to see her at the dress rehearsal...with a beard and mustache. My delicate little flower. Ah, well, I guess there were no girl pirates in Neverland!

Today was also the beginning of the 4H dog program. We had an early orientation (10am is early when the rehearsal wasn't over until 10) in a cold pole barn! Evil people, making us sit on icy metal chairs. Mary will be training Ethan's Henry in obedience this year; her puppy will be too young.

Friends and family will be over soon to eat chili and prepare to head over to see Peter Pan. Must log off and check all the final preparations!

1 comment:

Elephantschild said...

Delicate little flower? HA! More like awesome outdoorswoman who will marry the one dude out there whose butt she can't kick. She's one of my favorite teenagers. :)