Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

It's been a while. I took a blog vacation. I could catch you up on all the doings around Pine Ridge Farm, but you want to stay awake. I'll just hit the highlights.

I've been busy mostly with family things. Miss Mary turned 15 this month, and we spent last weekend driving to Iowa and the Chicago suburbs to pick up her best friends and bring them here for a little party. When I think about it, I could have driven to Wyoming in the same amount of time I spent on the road! I also spent some time visiting my mom, who is spending her late winter in the hospital. She's been getting weak, but, hopefully, this time there will strengthen her.

We'll be heading to a state fair speech competition at the end of April. Mary gave a presentation on Tack Cleaning 101, and impressed the judges enough that they sent her on to Springfield. She spent a pleasant hour talking to a man at a new tack shop about cleaning her saddle, so she has some more information to add to her presentation. We're looking forward to it, and we'll let you know how it goes.

Finally, this morning, John and Mary headed out to clean stalls and feed critters. The dogs were going crazy in the hay tent, barking at The Thing in the hay. John reached in to pull out The Thing...and found out it wasn't the cat he thought it was. Thankfully, it wasn't a skunk, either. He got a little target practice in today, and this guy won't be shacking up in our hay tent anymore!


Elephantschild said...

WOW! Those things are cute on paper, but when one is messing around your house and home, they're not so cute. At all. Good shot, John!

Elisha said...

Glad it wasn't a skunk, would have made or a BIG and stinky surprise!