Thursday, March 11, 2010

"I Ate Fleas"

This has been a hectic week, with visits to Mom, (she's doing well) and housecleaning, both ours and hers, filling up most of the agenda. Thursdays, though, tend to be our midweek break. We sleep in a little, read, and rest up.

I've done some homemaking today. I baked; banana muffins, oatmeal bread and waffles. I made some Colorado Beans and Barley for supper; it smells good upstairs!

The kids have been keeping themselves busy. Ethan has no classes today, so we've been blessed with his presence. And stories. At lunch, he and Mary were doing what they do best; annoying each other. She had to leave the room at one point, and warned him, "Don't TOUCH my waffle!" Of course, he HAD to touch her waffle. Just one little bitty touch, but it was enough to galvanize her into action. She touched HIS waffle! She thought she had him there!

But she forgot one of his many Basic training stories. Seems one of the meals they ate in the field was generously topped with...fleas. Yep, you read that right. Now, being Basic, there was no asking for replacement food. And Ethan was too hungry to care. So he, yep, ate them. Now, when he comes across something that is less than appetizing, but is presented with no other choice, he can shrug and say, "I ate fleas at Basic, I can do this."

So he looked at his sister's offending finger on his own personal waffle lunch, and said, airily, "I ate fleas."

"Durn," she said, having failed to annoy him...

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