Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

So yesterday the garden shed got emptied, as did the feed hut. Both were swept. I got all the pegboard pulled down in the garden shed, and put back only about 25% of the contents. The rest were pitched or put back where they belonged, in other buildings. I pulled out the shelving unit, and all of the waterers and feeders. I put water in the waterers, and found the two that leak. We have enough that those two can go to the scrapyard. I left it all outside, thinking that today I would wash them.

And God said, "Bwahahahaha!"

While I was enjoying a night out with some other homeschooling moms, I learned that the snow we expected tonight had been moved up to last night. Yep, all those waterers, etc, are lying out in the snow. It won't hurt them, and it's supposed to be back up to 48 tomorrow. By Monday, I'll be cleaning waterers and probably planting peas and onions.

Such is March in northern Illinois!

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