Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

Lunchtime. We've been to the grocery store, office supply, Starbuck's (a must do) WalMart, Menard's and the feed store. No, one single person did not do all that; we tag-teamed the shopping this week.

Jay and Kris will be bringing Sean for tacos tonight; we have everything we need for that. Cedar raised beds a la Pioneer Woman are being installed. Lilies have been planted. Chicken soup is being prepared and will soon be eaten.

This afternoon, compost will be carried to the beds and also used to fertilize raspberries and another flower bed. Peas will finally be planted. The pasture will be tilled and overplanted. And then all will fall onto sofas, clutching cold beers and ibuprofen.

Root beer, for some of us!


Elephantschild said...

*gulp* I'm going to NOT THINK about how much those beautiful cedar planks cost!

But it's going to look SO pretty, and you'll be able to lay mulch or stone between the beds. No more mud!

(HA! I mean, "much less mud!")

Melody said...

Just over $100. There was a sale this weekend. Still outrageous, but they'll last a good long while, so, amortized... My plan was to just let the weeds grow to about 4" and mow them regularly. :) We have used straw for mulch for years, so the weeds include a lot of wheat and oat grass. I also thought about throwing down some thyme and oregano so it would smell good!

But then it's so muddy right now, the mulch makes more sense.

Elephantschild said...

I like the thyme and oregano idea!

Melody said...

I should also say...

the first 4 beds were made with old cedar fence posts that I bought for a song a number of years ago. I tried local ads and Freecycle to find a better alternative than Menard's for these beds, but that didn't work.

In general, I've been really disappointed by Craigslist and Freecyle. Must be our area, but I see people posting junk that I would toss; not even good enough to donate. I mean JUNK; not a couch that could be sanitized, or a mower that needs work the current owner doesn't know how to do. I'm talking half-full shampoo bottle and tinsel leftover from Christmas.

Elephantschild said...

I saw that more on Freecyle, which is why I ditched Freecyle. That, and I canNOT stand Yahoo groups.

Craigslist, I see more of a mix. You just pick through what's there. We've gotten a van-load of good sod thru the Free section of Craigslist. That was worth the time it takes to pick thru the listings.