Monday, April 26, 2010

Common Courtesy

is not common...

This weekend was an opportunity for Mary and I to hit the dusty trail and head out of town. We stayed with my good friend, Elephant's Child, and enjoyed her hospitality, along with the company of the Mad Musician and Sparkle Kitty. I found the answer to the window-covering problem I've been having for our living room, right there in hers! She also helped me arrange my furniture...from the comfort of her own home. It was a wonderful visit.

On the way down, we stopped at a Noodles and Company, Mary's favorite. We ate there again on our way home. The employees were those nasty college kids, at least the stereotype would tell you that. But they were anything but. Genial, helpful, and very polite; one even asked around until she found just the right route to get us to Coldstone Creamery after our supper. What courteous kids!

Mary was competing in an event this weekend. She could have done better, but knows where she could change that. We were both very surprised to see how some other kids reacted to their placings....You would think 4th in the state would be a respectable finish, but one winner of that placing flounced to the awards stand, rolling her eyes as if she couldn't believe she'd been treated so poorly. Other participants were smiley and gracious, and one girl even accepted multiple awards for girls who had gone home to go to prom, and did so graciously.

The most egregious, aggravating incident happened at the end of the day, when we were walking to our car. Several participants and parents from our group were standing in a group. As we passed, we began to say, "Hello." Every one of them turned their backs on us and ignored our greeting. Even the adults.

Apparently, we've hacked someone off. But it would be helpful to know how. And even courteous to exchange that information with us. But common courtesy isn't.


Elephantschild said...


That's simply HORRID!

I'm sorry your visit down here ended on a sour note. It was great to see you guys - bummer that we had to be gone at choir when you left!

Melody said...

Any wonder I just wanted to grab our stuff and go?