Tuesday, April 6, 2010


One thing I have always liked is a good thunderstorm. Yeah, I remember being a kid and being terrified of loud, loud thunder in the night. Who wouldn't be? It makes the house shake and it's so sudden and atartling, who can't be forgiven for thinking the house is coming down around thier ears? One of my favorite memories of childhood is sitting in the carport, which faced south, and watching storms roll in from the southwest. We'd be safe and dry, watching long, arcing lightning bolts and feeling the loud rumble of thunder. What was your family's story about thunder? Ours was that God was bowling, and had lost a bowling ball, so the angels were out with flashlights, looking for it.

Well, as spring continues into summer, we're sure to get a number of really nasty thunder-boomers. Actually, we had one last night, I'm told. I slept right through it, but this morning, the evidence was there. Fallen branches, sometimes even fallen trees, lying across roads and in ditches. Our road is closed about a mile north of us; there's a ComEd truck helping to block it, so we can only assume (because we can't drive up there!) that the road is closed due to a downed wire. We had between an inch and an inch and a quarter, if my rain gauge can be rusted; not too shabby. It does make planting my seedlings problematic, though. I have some nice lettuces and cole crops ready to go into the ground, and the ground is all ready for them, too. But I am concerned about putting them in before this band of storms passes; I don't need my lettuces smashed into the ground before I can chop them into a salad bowl!

It should be done passing through sometime tomorrow night, I'm told, so I'll get them out on Thursday. I did get some planting done today, though; rosemary, pansies and a patio tomato all went into pots on the deck. Now we have the fun of hauling in the tomato and rosemary at night, because they don't do well until it's a little warmer; they're the real pansies!


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