Monday, May 17, 2010

The Hunt

Finally downloaded a myriad of photos from the camera to the computer. Let's share...

A few weeks ago, we realized we were again being invaded by...rats. The disgusting things are camped out under our chicken house, which provides them with abundant grain and, sadly, some meat. I know, I know, don't leave feed bags lying on the floor, clean up often and scrupulously, etc, etc. Well, the feed lives in galvanized cans; no bags lying around here! And I sweep often. But there's that big old feeder hanging in the chicken house. It has to be there. So there's a ready supply of grain always available. Rat Heaven.

We decided that it would be better to dispatch some of the rats to a more unearthly afterlife, if there is such a thing for rats. Jay and John set out, armed to the teeth, for to shoot them some rats.

They hunted.

They tried flushing them out.

Those little suckers were fast. Even Soldier Boy only got off a few good shots. This was the result.

Hey, guys, one less rat makes me happy. But they were a little sheepish.

So I am trying another tack. I put out poison this weekend. I hate doing that, because it is too easy for the dogs, and even the hens, to find it, or find a rat that has succumbed to it. Last year we lost 4 hens when I poisoned rats. I hope we don't this year!


Elephantschild said...

Ugh. Gross. Rats!

~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

They use to make a rat poison that came in little pouches of blue pellets. You threw the bag into a rat hole and they took it to the family potluck and you never had to deal with hens getting it, dead rats getting eaten on by other animals, etc. Then they took it off the market. It was WONDERFUL stuff and so neat and clean to use.

I hate poisoning also, but we were over run with them when we built here. They were here first and there were far too many.

Thank you to your sons and all of you for their time away serving our country in the military! They are greatly appreciated!