Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

Today on the farm....some of us have been off of it! Mary and her friend, Lindsay, participated in a 4H Horse Judging Clinic. Mary finished 6th in the County; not as good as last year, but still respectable. I mean, how many kids want to give up a Saturday to learn something?

Some things on the farm were accomplished today, mostly cleaning. And we now have sheep again! Houdini (guess what his main skill is?) and Hermione. She may be staying with us; Houdini will, too, but he'll be in little white packages in the freezer.

We got the chance to head to the hospital and watch the Kentucky Derby with Mom. Matthew and Keri came up from Oklahoma to see her, so we'll head to dinner in a bit. Then a movie.

Another exciting day on the farm!!

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