Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

Today on the farm started very early; about 3am. I was awakened by a cat's cry, and then a dog's bark. I searched the house for an injured cat, but found nothing. Then I noticed Henry wanting to get outside. I woke John up, we looked around, and found a small kitten hiding on our front porch. Maybe 6 weeks old, she has incredibly soft, fluffy fur, beautiful dark and light grey stripes, and an injured leg. We've been keeping her inside, in a crate, to see how she pulls through. That's how it is out here; cats don't always go to the vet. There are so many wild cats out here, you could spend your entire salary at the vet's office and still not help them all.

But she's eating and drinking and walking, albeit with a limp. I bet she pulls through. I'll name her Diana, after the goddess of the hunt and the moon. We found her in the middle of the night, after all!

It's a thunderstorm weekend, so not much got done outside. I managed to plant more beets, lettuce and radishes, and hope to get the peppers in the ground tomorrow. But for now, there's a movie rental with my name on it, right next to a bowl of rocky road! Nice night, all!


Cheryl said...

How do you think she ended up on your front porch, Melody? Do you think someone left her there because they knew you would take care of her?

Melody said...

We might just have a symbol on our house, like those houses during the Depression that had a symbol left by hobos which meant "A kind woman lives here."
But I think it's a function of living across the street from people who have beaucoup cats that they never manage. Mrs. Neighbor has told me that they don't spay or neuter, they just rely on the highway as birth control. :P We usually have to scrape cats off of the highway. But Dinah, Nero, and, now, Diana, came to us this way.

Elephantschild said...

Poor little kitty! Sad that the neighbors "rely on the highway" as birth control. Seems kind of cruel.