Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Work

It just never ends. I spent Monday and Tuesday just slogging through life, getting things done as I went along. Today, there's still a to-do list as long as my arm.

Someone who was not Christian once asked me if I really thought I'd like sitting on a cloud all day with a harp. Hey, after all this work...that would be delightfully mind-numbing!

Tried to mow the lawn today. Mower wouldn't start. Went shopping instead, for feed and hamburger for supper. (I have a freezer full of the stuff, but had forgotten to take it out to thaw. It was too late to try the plastic-bag-in-the-sink trick, and we don't own a microwave.) Sue at the Feed store and I had a little chat about the upcoming fair, and I ordered broiler chicks for mid-September.

After lunch, I made some chocolate chip cookies. The grandchildren will be over tonight, and, last time, I was told, "Grandma, you haven't made cookies in a while." It reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes; especially, the many times Calvin would list his dad's "approval ratings" as a father. I figured I wanted mine to be high, and I had butter and chocolate chips, so, what the hey, I made cookies.

I mixed grain, organized a little in the barn, and headed inside.

Now I have to start supper. What was it my friend said? "There's no rest for the wicked, and the righteous don't need any." Bah.

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