Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Pack

We're a bit overrun with critters these days. We've actually got the farmyard animals under control; 2 horses, 4 sheep, 2 goats. The goats are headed for the freezer, as are 2 of the sheep. Then there are about 15 hens and 10 turkeys; those last are also headed for the freezer.

But inside...Inside...We have 4 dogs, 2 cats, a turtle and a guinea pig. Hammie the guinea pig is visiting with Keri, and the turtle is a hatchling we're fostering until fall. We've done this before; found a youngling outside in late spring, raised it until fall, and then let it go. The first time, I called the Chicago Herpetological Society for advice, hoping they would suggest we let it go. Ethan was younger, and was very excited to have found this little thing. It still had its egg tooth, which suggested it was less than 48 hours old. But, no, I was told that, at that age, they're raccoon bait. The best thing for the turtle (but what about ME?) was to raise it inside for the summer, and then let it go into a pond in the fall. So we did, and are doing that again with the little one we found this year.

The dogs. We have Henry, the 5 year-old corgi, who Mary took to obedience class this spring, placing 4th in the county. We'll be heading to State fair in late August. Skye is her dog, the Border collie mix she adopted this past winter. Skye was "too young" to go to class this spring, although she's been learning apace with Henry when Mary has time to school her. Jip, the Jack Russell mix, is not getting along well with Skye. He is more of a suburban dog than a farm dog, we're finding, and is going to need a new home. One of my jobs, now that we're out from under, is to find that home for him. And Rambo, the wonder Cheweenie, (chihuahua/dachshund mix) is also visiting with Keri, although John may hide him from her when she and Matthew move out and tell her he ran away. The two of them are forging quite the bond.

And the cats. We have Four Socks, who will stay here until she dies, which may be sooner rather than later, if she insists on continuing to escape periodically. And then there's Buster, I mean, Nero, who belongs to Jay and Kris. THEY'D BETTER COME GET HIM SOON, before John really gets tired of him jumping on the counters and falling in the toilets and digging in the plants and hiding in the cabinets, and scratching up the sofas and dressers and sleeping in the napkin basket and...

I know you've all met them before, but I thought I'd remind you of the chaos, I mean, joy, that fills our home. As I always say, "Pets add so much to our lives!"


Cheryl said...

Melody, you're a hoot. Thanks for the smile. I needed one.

I just love you and your family and your house and your critters. Love them all. There is nothing like the P. farm. It's a very special place.

Elephantschild said...

What Cheryl said.

Rambo there looks like quite the character.